How To Maintain Dopamine Fasting Results With Social Media & Internet?

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Wondering how to maintain your dopamine fasting results when we're all using social media and internet?

Or just how to navigate the internet without desensitizing yourself in general?

Well, this article is about how to maintain your dopamine detox results for a longer period of time, just by asking yourself a few, clever, questions. 

Let's take a look...

How To Maintain Dopamine Fasting Results With Social Media & Internet?

Scandinavian Bob here, hi!

In many of my videos I talk about the fact that we now live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by supernormal stimuli of all kinds of sorts. 

Stimulating things that can turn into a dopamine problem...

We have...

  • Social media
  • Alcohol
  • Adult sites
  • Junk food
  • Super stimulating video games
  • Online gambling
  • Dating apps
  • Netflix
  • Tik tok
  • And even the internet itself…

So, how do we navigate through all of that without numbing yourself and becoming brainless zombies.

How to navigate the internet in without desensitizing your dopamine...

Well, I could give you directions and things to consider in all kinds of different circumstances, but that would make this video 10 hours long. 

So, instead of doing that we are going to use real simple down to earth logic and clear thinking here.

And I'm going to give you 3 questions you can ask yourself whenever you're unsure about your internet use.

Let's take your phone use as an example…

#1 Are you using your phone, or is your phone using you?

If you want to maintain the effects of dopamine fasting as long as possible, that's a good question right there - and it's certainly something worth thinking about.

For example, most days I can proudly say that, today I have been using my computer, my internet connection and my phone to grow my business, grow as a person and to move me forward in life.

But then on some days, I do admit that I fall into the trap of endless browsing online, wasting a lot of time and feeling drained after I'm down. 

The key is mindful use...

And on those days I definitely feel that my phone was using me instead of the other way around.

Now, I'm not saying you have to have a business or else you're using technology wrong, no, you can just as well use it to learn, grow, get ideas, and get inspired as well.

And there's NOTHING wrong with using it in moderation for recreational use as well, but when it comes to recreation, here's question number 2 for you.

How do you feel after you're done?  

Oh, that's another good one right there.

How do you feel after you're done?

Do you feel drained and sluggish?

Well, that's a good indicator that you've just been aimlessly browsing without any real purpose, without learning anything and even without even getting inspired.

Heck, you probably didn't even enjoy it, and so all you were doing was wasting your time. 

Recreating is not bad, but it shouldn't drain you...

Again, there's nothing wrong with using the internet as recreation, but if you do, you shouldn't be feeling drained after you're done because that's a good indicator that you've just just been getting dragged along, riding on a dopamine stream while wasting a lot of time on low value content.

On the other hand, maybe you've just watched a few easy to digest YouTube videos and after you are done you find yourself happy and relaxed.

Well if so, it was probably pretty good recreation for you and not something you should be worried about.

You know, I sometimes get questions like, "Do you think watching NoFap videos is good or bad for my rebooting? Some YouTubers say it's bad, other's say it's good. What's your opinion, Bob?"

Well, once again, you should have clear and logical thinking.

It's actually quite simple really…

#3 Did it add something to your life or did it take something from you?

If you learn something, for example helpful tools and tips on how to avoid relapses, or even if you just get inspired, it's clearly adding to your life rather than taking something from you.

Now, if you on the other hand find that it for some reason only makes you relapse even more, or that watching too often makes you depressed, then they are taking more from you than what they are adding.

So, it depends on the person.

We are all different...

Some guys find that watching NoFap videos fill them with hope since they really start grasping how much it actually can improve their lives and if that's the case, hey, it's clearly something that adds value to their lives. 

As you can see, it's pretty simple really; whenever you feel doubtful about how you're using internet, just use these 3 questions and  the answer will come to you.

What about using porn when you want to maintain your dopamine fasting results?

Oh man, well here I can just use question #3 on myself and say, "That took so much more away from me than what it ever gave."

In fact, when I was younger I thought  that adult sites would bring so much pleasure, but they actually ended up just robbing me of my ability to feel pleasure in my day to day life.

Simply because they desensitized the reward system in my brain. And boy did I also feel drained after a 3 hours session.

So clearly that one is something that wouldn't pass the test, for me, with these 3 questions.  

And oh hey guys, If the word supernormal stimuli is something that makes you a bit confused, then take a look at this post / video right here ==> Porn makes real life / girls boring, as over there I'll share something that's both funny and very informative.

And at the same time you'll also discover why trying to mate with a beer bottle is a really really bad idea.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob

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