Can Dopamine Fasting Help With Depression & Anxiety? (It's Good)

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Note: the online course I mention in the end of the video can be found right here!

Wondering if dopamine fasting can help with anxiety?

Or, can dopamine fasting help with depression?

How about pain? Can a dopamine fast help to reduce pain?

Well, let's take a closer look...

Can Dopamine Fasting Help With Depression & Anxiety?

Scandinavian Bob here hi,

So, yesterday I was reading an article written by Anna Lembke, an addiction expert who’s professor of psychiatry at Stanford University.

And for those of you who have been following me for a while, I want you to stay with me here and see if you recognize anything she is talking about in the article. 

We are living in a better world, but we have more depression, pain and anxiety than ever...

See starts off by saying that despite the fact that we are now living in a time where we have more luxuries and  seemingly a much much better life than ever before in history.

We are also more depressed, more anxious and have more chronic pain than ever before.

The article then speculates on possible causes but none of them sound convincing to her, until she comes to the last one which is something she calls The Plenty Paradox, and she says,

“See video for quote

Now, before I come to the most important part here, some of you may be thinking, ah I see where you are going with this, Bob, but how can the modern world cause more chronic pain?

Pain and pleasure are co-located in the brain...

Well, later on in the article she also talks about the plain and pleasure balance. And how scientists have found that pain and pleasure are actually co-located in the brain.

Another way to put this is that, in the brain they are two sides of the same coin. And if you push hard enough and long enough on the pleasure side, you get pain as a counter reaction. Physical pain or depression or anxiety or lack of motivation and drive.

Which if you think about it, they are all painful.

Anxiety, for example, is mental pain. In fact, it can be very very painful.

This pain and pleasure counter mechanism is something I talk a lot about in my dopamine fasting course in the module where we go into detail about Richard Solomon’s opponent process graph, by the way.

Now, in the article Anna also says, “See video for quote

How too much pleasure causes pain...

She then goes on to explain how all of these modern world’s stimuli are making it so that we keep pushing so hard and frequently on the pleasure side, that the counter mechanism, which is the pain side, becomes so strong, and long lasting, that the result is paradoxically a life with more pain, anxiety, depression.

Well, that’s the paradox my friends...

If you chase too much pleasure for pleasure itself, you actually end up in a state where you are incapable of feeling pleasure, joy or happiness. 

Oh man, what a paradox.

But it is 100% true.

Does porn addiction relate to this as well?

So, now you might be asking, "So does porn addiction push the pain and pleasure balance?"

Well I can personally tell you, yes 100%

You can bet your bottom dollar it does!

In fact, that is the worst thing you can be doing online. It’s even worse than social media addiction. Much much worse.

A dopamine fast can help with your anxiety and depression...

And what’s the solution to all of this, then?

Well, this, my friends, is where dopamine fasting comes to the rescue. 

By removing excess cheap dopamine for a long enough time, the pain and pleasure balance will reset and you can once again start feeling great.

It can take anywhere from 48 hours to 3 months to start feeling better...

And depending on the individual and how numb your reward system is this can take anywhere from about 48 hours to 2-3 months. And for some even longer, but that’s more people with severe addictions, of course. 

Yeah so dopamine fasting is an amazing tool that I believe everyone should have in their toolbox in today’s modern world. 

In fact, here’s a quote from the article where Anna says, 

“See video for quote

Dopamine Focused Fasting course..

Yeah so, these are the things I’ve been talking about for the last 4 years on my channel now. And this, my friends, is the very reason for why I created my online dopamine focused fasting course. 

Because I know that in terms of all the self improvement stuff you can do, this is what’s going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

I just recently launched it and I’m so incredibly happy to see the results people are already getting.

So many people are getting incredible results by doing a dopamine fast...

Dopamine fasting can really help with depression. And dopamine fasting can really help with anxiety.

If you are interested in checking it out, I can leave a link to it under the video, and if you’re not, then for God’s sake, at least cut out, or drastically reduce, your consumption of online porn.

Quitting porn is good, but not enough...

But for most people even that won’t get them to the highest level, which again, is the very reason for why I created the course. 

And oh hey guys by being a dopamine focused warrior you’re truly walking an amazing journey. Dopamine is the secret to life. It’s both mysterious and precious and just as long as we keep focusing on the right stuff we have wonderful things to come for sure.

So keep it locked in to Dopamine Focused Warriors, keep leveling up in life and I’ll see you in the next one.

Thanks for reading!

-Scandinavian Bob  

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