Are you someone who knows he needs to execute to get anywhere in life?

But you get trapped in all the

modern world distractions

and pleasures?


Then you feel so bad about procrastinating

that you can't even enjoy your

modern pleasures?


If so, I have something for you...



A unique way to

Reset & Supercharge your dopamine system 

So that you can become a productive, driven, beast 

And rediscover that child-like excitement for life!

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Quitting Porn is Good, But There's So Much More We Can Do For Our Dopamine

Most of my followers on YouTube have heard my story about how I had to overcome a porn addiction.

In order to be able to quit I had to embark on a long, but interesting, journey with a lot of ups and downs. I had to read and learn everything I could get my hands on, about dopamine, the brain and addictions to be able to help myself. 

It paid off! 

But I knew I was still not there. Because I still suffered from...

  • Brain fog
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of excitement for life

It's so frustrating...that moment when you're supposed to get some work done, but you just end up surfing on some online stuff instead. Wasting most of your day.

Recognize yourself in that? 

Don't get me wrong, I got way better than back when I was using porn, but I was still not there.

More and more I started realizing...

It's not just porn!

We are now living in a modern world that completely blats us with distractions and other dopamine destructive things. E.g. social media, super stimulating video games and endless novelty online. Etc etc. etc.

There's so much more we can do to help our dopamine system...

Then I started experimenting with something that changed EVERYTHING

In my second and third years of being free from porn I started experimenting A LOT with different "dopamine deprivation strategies".

And the more I experimented, the better I felt and the more excited I became.

I knew I was on to something.

A bit more tweaking still and I was there.

I found something that works and can make a person perform and feel amazingly well. And since I know so many are struggling with the modern world's distractions and would like to experience the same, I decided to do something about it. 

So that's why I created: The Dopamine Focused Fasting Course

The Dopamine Focused Fasting Course is an online course you take at your own pace.

It's truly unique and you won't find any other dopamine fasting course like this out there. 

With interesting lessons about dopamine, how to navigate modern worlds distractions, and by exploring 5 different fasting protocols and levels you can choose from (and start leveling up in)...

The Dopamine Focused Fasting Course will...

  • Increase your motivation and drive to work on stuff
  • You'll start WANTING to work on them - You'll start feeling a pull towards them¬†(even harder things)
  • Make you crush procrastination and achieve your goals
  • Make you enjoy and appreciate the smaller things in life
  • Make everything that gives you dopamine¬†¬†feel a lot more exciting¬†(small and big things)
  • Give you sharper focus and concentration
  • Potentially speed up your¬†PMO recovery¬†(this one we have to be careful with promising - but I truly believe it)
  • Give you back that child-like excitement for life - that you had as a kid

5 Different Fasting Protocols

This course contains 5 different fasting protocols for you to choose from. A couple are more of a "hard reset", but all of them will supercharge and "reset" your dopamine system.

Dopamine Fasting Like A Game

The two longest protocols have a scoring system and are set up like a game for you to play. A game that will make you crush procrastination and become a productive, driven, beast.

Discover Fasting Secrets 

During the course you will discover everything worth knowing about dopamine fasting and how to deal with the modern world's distractions. So that you can focus your dopamine for leveling up in life.

Presenting: THE 5 Fasting Protocols

Dopamine Focused APPRENTICE

Length: 48h

This protocol is 48 hours long. It's the shortest one of all the five protocols and can be considered somewhat of a "hard reset".

Have you ever felt that it's not just lack of excitement for working on your goals, and for life in general, that's the problem?

It's also you feeling bad about that 'lack', blaming yourself, thinking "there must be something wrong with me?!?"

Well, it's not your fault. It's just that the modern world is set up in a way that it easily hijacks our dopamine system.

This fasting protocol will solve that for you. It's long enough to get you away from distractions and reset your dopamine system a bit, so that you'll be able to get more excitement from everyday normal life again.

Dopamine Focused EXPLORER

Length: 7 Days

With this protocol you will be dopamine fasting for 7 days. However, that does not necessarily mean it is a much harder protocol than the "apprentice" protocol, since it is set up in a way so the -day to day fasting- is a bit less intense. 

The sheer length of it, though, makes it a quite effective protocol for resetting and upregulating your dopamine system.


Dopamine Focused BEAST

Length: 28 Days

Ok, tread carefully here, because this one is a beast!

I have to warn you, this protocol is not easy to do. In fact, even though it's not the longest one, it is the hardest of all the 5 protocols. And if you're new to dopamine fasting, I do not recommend you start with this one. 

However, if you're really tired of all the stimuli making you numb, and you're up for a challenge, why not get into the ring with the beast?

One thing is for sure, if you see it through to the very end, you'll be a person with one heck of a supercharged dopamine system.

Try it at your own peril ;) 

Dopamine Focused WARRIOR

Length: 35 Days

This is it!

A dopamine fasting protocol, lasting 35 days. Using a scoring system that makes it both challenging yet super interesting at the same time. Fasting in 'game-form' and dopamine fasting at its finest while you keep playing and keep resetting your dopamine system and while you keep leveling up.  

It's a productivity protocol in combination with dopamine fasting. So, if you are in a period right now where you need to be getting a lot done, the WARRIOR protocol is going to be perfect for you.

You could also use it if you just relapsed and want to start your next streak in a super dopamine healthy way, while being productive...your PERFECT NoFap streak!

The game and the scoring system here will literally "pull you forward", making you a productive beast, while you during the journey also get a supercharged dopamine system.

This is one of my personal favorite protocols. I will do it in some form, several times a year. Are you up for the 'Warrior' game? 

Dopamine Focused MASTER

Length: 84 Days

Being the longest protocol, the master level takes you on a 12 week journey where you'll be resetting your dopamine system while you simultaneously  work on your goals. With a fun scoring system this level is an incredible fun game to play.

And boy do you become productive playing it!

I can personally attest to this as during the creation of this course I tried the MASTER level. And I kid you not, I got so much work done and managed to complete the creation of this course literally 5x faster than planned. 

And best of all, I had fun doing it. That's the beauty with this, you'll fall in love with your work. 

This protocol could also be an excellent choice if you're doing a NoFap 90 day challenge. It would be like rebooting on steroids (except, without steroids :)


Invest in the dopamine fasting course now, so that you can get back that child-like excitement for life and so that you can become a man you admire!

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I won't even ask you what the problem was. If you think that the content in the course does not give you any value at all, after having gone through it and implemented the info, I will pay you back, full amount. 

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