Will Retention And NoFap Help You in The Gym? (My Experience)

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Note: you can find links to the blog posts I'm mentioning in the video further down in the text

Wondering if semen retention will help you in the gym?

Of if quitting porn and NoFap will help you in the gym?

Well, today I'm going to share my personal experiences with this.

Let's get to it...

Will Retention And NoFap Help You in The Gym?

One of the more common questions I get when it comes to semen retention is: "Does it really make you stronger?"

You know, does NoFap and semen retention make you perform better in the gym?

And since gym training is something I have been experiencing for almost 29 years by now, I thought I'd talk a bit about that today.

Semen retention and testosterone...

Now, first let me say that when it comes to testosterone increase from retaining, there are quite a bit of differing opinions out there. And I have made videos and blog posts about that in the past, and I will link to those at the end of this video. 

Because today, I'm simply going to share my personal experience in regards to retaining and lifting.

An experiment with semen retention and gym training...

Yeah, so a while back, I watched a YouTube video by a gym trainer who did a 30-day retention experiment.

I don't remember the guy's name now, but he wasn't, you know, a guy who's normally into NoFap, which is good because that meant he wasn't biased or anything like that. He just wanted to see what would happen if he abstained for 30 days while training.

And let me tell you, he had a very difficult time of it, really struggling with wanting to release.

No strength increase from NoFap the first 2 weeks....

So, if I remember correctly, he didn't really notice any energy and strength increase in the beginning.

But then, somewhere around week three, things started to happen.

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More energy and strength in week 3...

He started to wake up before the alarm, having more energy, and he was able to work super hard in the gym. And I think he also broke some personal records there.

Then, yeah, that's when I thought I'd share my experience with you guys as well because I too have noticed strength gains in the gym when I retain.

But here's the deal, just like him, for me, it also takes a while before I start to feel that drive and, you know, the feelings that will really help you when you're lifting.

My personal experience with semen retention and training in the gym...

I'd say that for me, I definitely have to pass the three-week mark before I start noticing anything like that. And it isn't really until I pass 4, 5, and 6 that I start to feel like a beast in the gym. But man, oh man, I'm on week six right now, and I do feel the difference.

I too have to pass the 3 week mark before noticing strength increase on. And it gets even better week 4 and week 5...

The time frame is probably a bit different for everyone, and I might need a bit more time than you since, well, quite honestly, I'm starting to get a bit old. And by the way, just as an aside, no, I haven't relapsed. My last time I relapsed to adult sites was in the beginning of 2019.

So no more adult sites for me.

Zero porn, but semen retention is cycles...

But then, on top of that, I do retention in different cycles all over the year. Now, today, I'm not talking so much about quitting adult sites and the dopamine side of things, although retention could, for sure, help with fine-tuning your dopamine system as well.

But I want to let you know that I too have made personal bests in the gym while riding on good retention streaks.

Many of my personal bests in the gym has been made while on semen retention...

In fact, many of my personal bests have been made during some of my longer streaks. I do start to notice at least some energy increase a bit sooner. But then, it really seems to be taking off in week five, six, and seven for me.

For example, I haven't benched real hard for a while now, but last time I did a pretty good bench with 10 reps of 120 kilos. I was well over in my second month of retention.

And I honestly believe that I wouldn't have gotten those last two, maybe three, reps if I had been wasting all my male energy and not get too fancy with the wording.

If you lack benefits, maybe you haven't gone long enough?

So, if you are lifting but you haven't yet noticed any help from retention, maybe you just haven't gone long enough yet.

Try to get up there past week five, six, seven, and eight, and see if you start entering beast mode. This is an interesting experiment all men can do if they are up for it.

Now, if you're interested in learning more about this, I'll leave a link to two different blog posts I made where I share more details about testosterone and strength increase on NoFap.

Read the posts...

This is Scandinavian Bob signing out for today. Keep going and stay strong.

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