AlphaViril Review (This is What it Did To me)

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In this video / blog post I share my experience with AlphaViril. 

The libido, dopamine and testosterone booster. 

What did it do for me?

Well, take a look at my AlphaViril review...

AlphaViril Review

Today I’m going to talk about an easy way to increase both your dopamine and testosterone levels at the same time.

This is going to be interesting so make sure to stay with me to the end.

Scandinavian Bob here, hi.

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Increasing testosterone by doing painful stuff...

Ok, so many of my subscribers know that I have made several videos on how to increase both dopamine and also testosterone by doing painful stuff like for example ice cold showers and high intensity interval training.

Well, today I’m going to share something that is much easier for elevating both your dopamine and testosterone.

But before I do, have you noticed that some of the tools I shared so far, like for example high intensity exercise, intermittent fasting seem to work for both dopamine AND testosterone. 

Does dopamine and testosterone go hand in hand?

Well it’s not that strange actually. Did you know that dopamine and testosterone are kind of related in a way. 

You see elevated levels of dopamine also promote high levels of testosterone and listen to this…

Testosterone can also increase DRD1 and DRD5 dopamine receptors resulting in more sensitivity to dopamine. More sensitive to dopamine. And that's a good thing.

So, no wonder we want to have high levels of testosterone then. 

Ok, so what is this easy way to raise dopamine and testosterone that I was talking about?

Does the AlphaViril testosterone booster work?

Well, what you are looking at here is me holding a natural supplement called “Alpha Viril”.

I order it from America, and I have to say it is one of my absolute favorite supplements I’ve tried so far.

Under this video you can find a link where to get it for the cheapest price, but do not go there yet because I’m going to tell you why it works so well and after that I’m going to share my personal results from using it.

Now, some people say that natural testosterone boosters do not work, but this is wrong. 

AlphaViril actually works...

Well, many of the testosterone boosters out there do not work, but AlphaViril has ingredients in it that are clinically proven to raise both dopamine and testosterone.

And as far as the testosterone levels goes, I have even done blood tests on myself to confirm that it works.

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AlphaViril is better than other supplements because of its unique extra strength formula with high quality ingredients in the exact right proportion to each other creating a synergistic effect.

And boy do you feel it when taking it.

You can definitely feel the effects of AlphaViril after taking it...

Here are just a few of the ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Oat straw
  • Vitamin D
  • Selenium
  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Tongkat ali
  • Zinc 
  • copper
  • fenugreek 
  • Pro-tribulus
  • horny goat weed
  • maca root
  • Yohimbe extrakt
  • Oat straw
  • Chasteberry
  • DIM
  • L-Arginine
  • Xanthoparmelia
  • Icarrin

There are actually more but I can not go through all of them here, but they work incredible well together.

Ashwagandha can on its own increase testosterone...

First, take a look at ashwagandha for example, there are real studies showing that it does indeed increase testosterone levels and you may remember that I have talked about the benefits of ashwagandha in my previous videos. 

Standardized quality...

I also told you that most ashwagandha you can find is not worth buying and that you have to make sure you see that it says Sensoril or KSM-66 on the ashwagandha product.

Well, when looking at the AlphaViril bottle after the ashwagandha ingredient it says KSM-66 with 7% withanolides.

So yes, this is very good quality - and 7%  withanolide is extremely potent.

This is an indicator that they really want to make a great product.

Now, Let’s look at the mucuna pruriens…

Mucuna pruriens and dopamine...

Well, this contains a precursor to dopamine called L-dopa, and it is perhaps the most effective natural thing you can find to raise your dopamine levels out there.

And this is not something that supplement companies just wants to claim but real research has shown that Mucuna pruriens really does boost dopamine levels.

So it is confirmed. 

AlphaViril also lowers stress hormones and estrogen...

Some of the ingredients in AlphaViril also lower the stress hormone cortisol which is a good thing because when cortisol is high, testosterone is low and when cortisol drops your testosterone rises. 

These were just two of the ingredients and there is just so much found in AlphaViril that I have to make another video talking about all the ingredients separately

Ok, so now, what are my  personal results from using this product?

My personal experience with taking AlphaViril...

Well, I have to figure out a way to say this without using words that YouTube does not like, but if you look at the screen you’ll see what I mean.

** If you watch the video you can see words on the screen that I'm not saying out loud in the video.

(This due to the sensitive nature of the YouTube algorithm)

What I notice when using AlphaViril...

For me there is no doubt in my mind whether or not AlphaViril works because whenever I wake up at night, or in the morning it is like I’m 16 years old again, if you know what I mean (morning woods of steal).

Also, my drive sexdrive / libido is super high.

Again, like when I was 16.

And this is not strange as we all know that testosterone makes you  horny, but did you know that dopamine also is a major player in libido? 

AlphaViril gives me more energy, motivation and libido...

I also notice much more energy during the day. Also an indicator of higher testosterone.

I definitely notice increased motivation. And here too, both dopamine and testosterone are key players in motivation.

I notice more aggressiveness (testosterone, obviously).

I get faster results in the gym.

Dopamine helps with energy and drive here and as we all know, testosterone helps with muscle gain.

More fun in the bedroom...

And lastly, I’m not going to get into the details about this, but…well everything is much more fun in the bedroom as well.

So, perhaps now you understand why this is one of my favorite supplements. 

Ok, so  if you don’t like all the cold showers and the other tools and you would like an easier way to boost both your dopamine and testosterone then, yeah, I can highly recommend this product. 

Just click here to check out the online vendor. The product is available from many places, but that link goes to the real website with the absolute lowest price. 

I strongly believe that this THE best testosterone booster you can find on the market right now and as I know that many of you are interested in both dopamine and testosterone, I thought I’d share this with you.

Alright this Scandinavian Bob signing out for today, consider subscribing for more helpful videos and as always I wish you all the best in your journey to become the strongest version of yourself.

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