Can A Dopamine Fast Speed Up NoFap Recovery?

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 So, can a dopamine fast speed up NoFap recovery? (If dopamine fasting is something that you're interested in, check out my online course Dopamine Focused Fasting here)

Well the short answer is, I absolutely think so, yes.. 

The longer answer is, that so far there are no studies made on pmo recovery in combination with dopamine fasting. But what there are studies on in the addiction world is studies that show how removing the stimuli that caused your addiction will make your dopamine system become healthy again.

So that’s what we know and that’s nothing strange at all. But then if we think about this logically we also know that your brain has one universal currency, and that is dopamine.


If you blast your reward system with other super stimulating things, during your journey. Of course that’s going to prolong your NoFap recovery since they all hammer on that poor reward center in your brain.

Reverse the dopamine stimulation to recover faster...

And so then, if we flip that all that dopamine stimulation and instead remove a lot of different dopamine stimulations, then it would not be far fetched at all to assume that it would work the other way around and that doing a dopamine fast can speed up NoFap recovery.

And I have to tell you guys, in my experience this is indeed the case.

As some of you already know, I struggled with relapses for more than 7 years in my own NoFap journey. This means I have had a lot of different streaks.

Different lengths and different dopamine healthy streaks as well. 

I recovered faster during NoFap streaks that included some form of dopamine fasting....

Without exception I can say that during the later years of my rebooting when I started to learn more about dopamine and I started implementing small dopamine fasts here and there.

During the streaks where I did those small fasts the NoFap benefits rolled around much much faster. 

Dopamine fasting can speed up NoFap recover - But how much can it speed it up?

And so now some of you are going to say, how much faster? 

Well, to give you some sort of number on that, percentage wise, is obviously going to be impossible. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a person could double the speed of his recovery by doing it.

Now, don’t quote me on that, I’m just saying it wouldn’t surprise me. Especially not if we take a guy who is living a pretty unhealthy life and he starts implementing dopamine healthy activities. I definitely think that guy could double, triple his speed of progress, maybe even more.

You don't have to dopamine fast all the time...

And the best thing about this is, you don’t have to do dopamine fasting all the time. You can do it in periods, using different lengths and protocols. 

Now, I’m far from the only guy who has noticed this. Many of my one on one clients have tried some form of dopamine fasting and almost everyone who tried it noticed a significant difference.

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Dopamine fasting can also make you relapse less on NoFap...

Dopamine fasting can also make some guys relapse less. Which is great!

For example, yesterday I was surfing around on the site your brain on porn and over there I just happen to come across a rebooting account from one guy who said something along the line of...

I discovered NoFap a couple of years ago and I kept trying and trying. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get past 7 days.And I really tried to tell my self to never watch porn again, I still fell back…and I couldn't do it. The craving were too strong and I kept on failing"

But since a couple of months ago, I have not not relapsed...

And then a bit further down he said...

"How did I do it? Well, that one weird thing that helped me and woke me up was dopamine fasting!"

Now isn’t that interesting!

As I said, there are many ways to do dopamine fasting, but this guy used a 24 hour fasting protocol where he basically reduced all instant gratification activities for 24 hours straight. 

Now this guys was pretty extreme with his fasting rules as he did

  • No PMO 
  • No video games
  •  No music/podcasts
  • No food, no drugs, no cigarettes, no alcohol
  • No electronics - no TV 
  • No internet and social media
  • No books
  • No working out
  • No meeting or talking to people

You don't have to go that extreme...

Yeah so, the last three there I can say from personal experience is not necessary. That's going a bit too extreme. You don’t need to abstain from people, exercising and reading. 

In fact, did you know that socializing can actually help upregulate your dopamine receptors? Yes, very interesting, but it can. And so too can physical exercise.

So, if you ever consider doing a dopamine fast yourself, then never mind those last three there. 

But I highly recommend you try at least some for of dopamine fasting protocol.

It can only help!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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