Can NoFap Help Me Get A Girlfriend? (My Experience)

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Wondering if NoFap can help you get a girlfriend?

Well, if so, you've come to the right article.

Because today I'm going to share an easy explanation on why NOFap actually CAN help you get a girlfriend.

Let's get to it...

Can NoFap Help Me Get A Girlfriend?

Scandinavian Bob here, hi.

So I got an email yesterday from a guy asking, “I’ve heard you mention in your videos a couple of times that NoFap can help guys get a girlfriend. Do you really mean that?”

And the answer is, yes. I absolutely 100% mean that. Now that doesn’t mean everyone who is doing NoFap will suddenly get a girlfriend. But it really does help.

And the interesting thing about this is that there are actually many reasons behind why it helps. And I have even made a two part NoFap attraction series that I will link to at the end of this one, but today let’s just briefly talk about one reason behind it.

One reason why NoFap can help you get a girlfriend, explained in an easy way...

Last week  I decided to turn off my internet and my phone for a few hours every evening, you know, as sort of a mini dopamine fast.

Well what happens for me then is that I automatically start looking around for things to do and oftentimes I find myself picking up a real physical book and I start reading it. 

However, on days I’m using the internet and my phone all the way until bedtime, I’m much more unlikely to pick up a book and read it. 


Less supernormal stimuli = more normal stimuli...

Well simple because browsing on the internet is more stimulating and takes less effort than to read a physical book. So I automatically gravitate to the online stuff and I leave the book alone.

Well, guys, the same thing happens if you’re watching a lot of adult sites online.

They are so stimulating and it takes so little effort compared to you having to go out, make yourself look good and put yourself on the line in a conversation with a real girl. 

Cut it out and you'll start looking around for what's real...

However, if you decide to give up the porn, just like with the book example, you start looking around and you start gravitating towards interactions outside of your house, because porn is no longer an option for you.

And of course that’s going to increase your chances of building real relationships. 

I’m telling you guys, we have this biological drive built into us, and if you stop using it for nasty websites then your brain is going to give you a bigger desire to get out of your house, and it’ll make you more creative in finding suitable ways to do that. 

Of course it can still be scary to put yourself out there...

Now, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be scary, and a lot of guys will really have anxiety about this. But more often than not, by cutting out the porn, that inner drive will override your anxiety levels to the point of you starting to seek connections even in the face of your anxiety.

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And to those of you who are interested in the NoFap attraction series I mentioned you can find it in my blog post here ==> Can semen retention and NoFap attract women?

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