What if you could get rid of that pain you feel

after a nasty porn relapse once and for all?


That sensation in your stomach when waking up after

 a night of bingeing on porn, disappointed in yourself, 

feeling like a broken man who can no longer trust himself...


What if you could get rid of that

within just a few days?



The 4-Step Porn Crushing System!

A unique way to end your relapses -

so that you can unlock your potential 

and become a person you're truly proud of!


The 4-Step System was previously exclusive to my online clients, but is now available as an online course for all.

See what results my students are getting...

I believed I was destined to a life of relapses...  

Have you ever felt like it's hopeless to build a really long streak of no porn?

Like, sometimes after a weeks of relapses, you get so motivated to reach a goal of, for example 90 days, that you can almost see the good future a porn-free life will give?

Driven by inspiration you think, "This time I am determined to get to 90 days. It is my main goal right now and i WILL get there." ...

And you start stacking up the days, one by one, all while your confidence is growing.

It's going well and you're feeling strong.

One morning maybe you even comment something, on some social media platform, to help encourage other rebooters out there, feeling like you're a bit ahead of them, and that you're in control. 

Then, later that day you spend some time online, and you get hit by a trigger so small that you don't even notice it.

And that trigger leads you in a subtle way to a slightly bigger trigger...

And next, you are vaguely aware that you are about to cross the line to a real relapse. But by that time, it is like you have left the driving seat and something else is pulling you forward.

And before you know it, you are looking back at a full-blown relapse, going, "What the heck just happened, I was feeling so strong?"

You know what?...

It's not your fault...

It's just that today's online world is so incredible dopaminergic that it's hard for the reward system not to get hijacked by all the dopamine hooks out there.

Especially when it comes to things related to sex, as our brains are wired to derive the most potent dopamine response from such stimuli.

It's almost like we have to fight and uphill battle against the dopamine industrial complex.

We have triggers everywhere and we are online almost all the time.

Feels like every third thumbnail on YouTube is something triggering. And the reels on FB, Instagram and all the other social media platforms are even worse. 

We often feel the need to escape our emotions temporarily, such as stress, anxiety, or loneliness. When we attempt to spend time online for that purpose and then encounter all these dopamine triggers, it becomes incredibly easy to get swept away and start watching porn.

I used to grapple with this very issue for years, and let me tell you, it was incredibly painful!

And then you hear all that advice on YouTube...

Not only do we have the issue with an overabundance of triggering things online, we also have so many so-called 'NoFap YouTubers' giving advice, all saying different things that it becomes quite overwhelming.

Does this sound familiar?...

  • You have to fix the root cause (trauma etc.) in order to overcome a porn addiction.
  • Don't count days, you have to identify as someone who just don't watch porn. 
  • We don't watch porn because we're horny, we do it because we have som issue we need to fix.
  • When you're having urges, just do 50 push-ups and take a cold shower.

...and on and on and on.

It's not that everything in that is entirely wrong; most things contain some truth. However, the issue is that it's not particularly helpful.

For example, you can't just snap your fingers and, first of all, find a hidden childhood trauma, and then snap your fingers a second time and then all of a sudden you're healed and then voilà, you're now done relapsing forever.

I mean, have you ever felt frustrated with videos like that? 

I know I have.

And when it comes to all of those so-called NoFap tools, sure, tools can be great, but without an exact action plan we don't know how to make it work for us. 

So I feel your pain. 

I really do!

I empathize with your pain because I struggled for a very long time myself.

In fact, let me tell you a short story about my struggles...

I felt like I was about to go under...

"Wow, how was this possible?"

Those were the words I was asking myself after the devastating phone call.

My girlfriend had just called, saying she could no longer cope with my issues and insecurities. 

Yes, Johanna had just broken up with me. And boy did it hurt!  

And the worst part was, I knew that she was right.

You see, all those years before I met her, I would log in hour long fapping sessions in front of my laptop due to my porn addiction. 

All those long porn sessions had completely messed up my dopamine system...

And led me to suffer from...

  • Anxiety (always suffered, but porn made it worse)
  • Low energy and drive
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Depression
  • "Semi" porn induced erectile dysfunction (Porn gave me very weak and sluggish erections).

The last one there obviously made my performance in the bedroom less than satisfying.

And this made my low self-esteem even worse. 

And low self-esteem led me to become jealous. 

I felt like a broken man (and I was) so this made me afraid that she would trade me for someone better, because...jealousy kills relationships.

And sure enough, she walked!

Truth be told, I also suspected she'd had enough of my anxiety. Both in and outside of the bedroom. And enough of my depression as well.

Women don't want a neurotic and broken man to fix.

Of course I was able to understand that, but man did it hurt :(

The worst part was...

That a similar thing had already happened to me three years ago with another girl, Susan. 

It was after Susan that I found Gary Wilson's site Your Brain On Porn and suddenly realized that it was porn that was causing me all these problems.

Ever since then, I had been trying to give up the porn.

But I kept on relapsing, and when I started dating  Johanna, three years after that, I STILL hadn't been able to achieve a 90 day long streak.

Knowing you're hurting yourself, but you keep on doing it...

It was THAT part that almost made me insane!

Knowing what the problem was, yet I STILL kept fapping to online porn.

Yes, even though I KNEW it was destroying my life, I kept on using it.

Needless to say, I knew I had to do something about it, but I was stuck! 

I had tried so many things, but...


And I felt SO broken. 

An eye-opening revelation that changed everything...

Months later I got an epiphany that almost made me jump out of my skin.

I figured something out that was the beginning of me climbing out of the hell hole once and for all.

I started thinking; "Even though I feel determined, it's like I suddenly just go into autopilot mode and something else takes over"

"It's like I have a 'relapsing software' in the brain that starts running whenever I'm in a triggered situation".

"That's it", I thought.

"That's exactly what we have here!"...

We have been performing this pattern...

  • Trigger >> acting out
  • Trigger >> acting out
  • Trigger >> acting out

...and we've been doing this for so many years that we have literally created a relapsing software in our brain that starts running on its own whenever we are hit bi a trigger. 

And since a trigger can be all sorts of things, basically something that remind our brain of porn (it can even be just sitting down at your laptop at a certain time of the day) it makes sense that we just "lose control" all of a sudden.

Most of the time we are not even aware of that exact moment when the autopilot is starting to take over. 

We have a tendency to notice it a couple of minutes in, and that it's often too late. 

We have basically created a relapsing software in our brain...

When dopamine is high, we are learning machines...

I realized that everything I had read about addictions so far supported my thoughts. 

I remembered how Gary Wilson taught me how, whenever dopamine is elevated, we learn whatever we are doing much faster.

This is because the brain interprets the situation that gave birth to the high levels as something important for survival (must learn this well, it thinks).

And during all our porn sessions, dopamine has been sky-high. So no wonder we have created such a strong relapsing software in our brains. 

It's not your fault.

You are not weak-minded!

Your brain has learned how to watch porn "too well". 

In the addiction literature, this is called sensitization. 

What if we could create something that is the exact opposite of the relapse cycle?

Breaking free from addiction: the journey to crafting a powerful solution...

I started reading everything I could get my hands on about addiction, listened to podcasts with experts talking and everything pointed to me being right.

We actually do have a relapsing program in our brain that takes over when exposed to triggers, all while the logical part of our brain takes the back seat. 

I was so excited about this because I realized then and there that; a software can be reprogrammed and that means that I can create an anti-relapse software!

That day was the turning point in my own rebooting.

I started figuring out ways I could combine "how to not relapse" with triggers -because I knew that if I did that enough times, it would replace the old relapsing program.

And guess what?

It worked!

Well, it worked after a great deal of modification.

I still had plenty of relapses, because it took me a lot of trial and error to come up with an effective way to do this.

You see, it's very, very easy to get it wrong and then we just keep reinforcing the old relapse program.

And that's no good!

So, I kept working on it all while I saw my streaks getting longer and longer.

One day it hit me;  I was was now actually out of my addiction...

I kept modifying my "anti-relapse software" until, finally one day, I realized I hadn't been watching porn for more than a year.

I was once and for all out of the grips of my addiction! 

I realized I had created something valuable that could potentially help thousands of other men out there.

Excited about this I started honing it in even more.

Perfecting it to such a degree that, after a while, I started sharing it with 1-on-1 coaching clients through the online communication platform Zoom.

And, one by one, they started getting amazing results. And by adding a bit more meat to that system, and after yet some further tweaking I had created something that I just knew had to be shared with the world. 

So that's why I created:

 The 4-Step Porn Crushing System!

Yes, my friends.

I call it The 4-Step Porn Crushing System, and it's now available for all.

This system is an easy way to retrain your brain to stop falling into the old relapsing response, in the face of triggers, by instead installing an alternative "anti relapse" response.

And we're talking all kinds of triggers here. 

Be it visual, emotional or any other kinds of triggers.

It is easier than you think...

Retraining sounds like a lot of work, but the truth is; when knowing how to do it, it's actually very easy to do!

In fact, this system makes it almost like a fun game to play where you become the winner and your cravings the fallen enemy.

By using the four core steps in this system it is surprisingly easy to teach your brain to automatically go for alternative behaviors - in the face of temptations - instead of falling into that same old behavior that has led you nowhere so far.

The results come quick...

This change can start to take place over a period of just a few days.

And the best part is, when that happens, then your NEW behavior is the one that will become automatic - as opposed to the old 'relapsing autopilot' being your automatic response.

Yes, it can indeed happen very quickly, as within just a few days you'll start to see the difference. 

And when you do you will feel so great about yourself.

BECAUSE you realize that you are finally about to leave the painful life, with all the relapses and shame behind you once and for all...

...as you NOW have discovered a way to get to the other side. 

The side where you can unlock your potential and become a person that you are truly very, very proud of.

This, is NOT just any old online course.

It is the most practical online course for quitting porn there is.

And it's finally here, available for all...


You will get & learn The 4-Step Porn Crushing System

Since there are only four core steps, the system is easy to learn and implement. You can start implementing it on your very first day.

But obviously there are deeper dives into the steps - with "mini-steps" baked into the core big ones.

7 Modules and 26 lessons - But no fluff or filler content

Unlike other course creators, I haven't filled this course with unnecessary content just to justify a higher price tag. Instead, you'll receive precisely what you need in a streamlined format, allowing you to quickly implement the strategies and see results.

Additional tools for foundational strength

You go through 7 modules and 26 easy to consume lessons, all stringed together creating a step-by-step formula on exactly how to leave porn behind for good. The lessons will also give you tools & solutions for foundational strength - to make sure you'll really go the distance.  

This is NOT for you if...

  • You’re expecting a magic pill that will automatically fix everything that's wrong with your life. 
  • You expect results without putting in the effort. You have to feel a strong desire to build a better life, be willing to follow the steps in the course and work on them focused and determined.
  • If you already overcome your porn watching habit. If that's the case I congratulate you and wish you the best, but if so you don't need this course, as this is not a general self-improvement course. The sole purpose of this course is to help people stop relapsing and finally leave porn behind for good.

Frequently asked questions...

My IRON-CLAD 90 Day Action-Based Guarantee:

Should you find, after going through the entire course, and you implemented the system - and practiced it for some time - that it doesn't help reduce your relapse frequencies at all, just shoot me an email and I will gladly refund your money, 100%

Yes, you heard me right!

If you think that the content in the course does not give you any value at all, after having gone through it and implemented the info, I will gladly pay you back, full amount. 

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