Want To Quit Using Porn?


What if you could surf the web...

without having to be afraid of triggers?

"I used to not be able to surf online without having my computer full of blockers. Now I can even get hit by unexpected porn and just close the tab like nothing happened.

I just smile and keep on with my day"

-Robert S.


A unique way to neutralize effects triggers have on you so you can stop relapsing and leave porn behind for good!


"I have promised myself, many times; THIS was my LAST relapse! Yet I always end up relapsing again a few days later." 

"I feel like I have tried it all. I even tried different blockers, but I always find a way to relapse."

"I have relapsed so many times I can no longer trust myself"

" I feel I'm doomed to be stuck in a relapse cycle for the rest of my life. "


Because that was exactly what I was saying to myself for a span of over 7 years of relapsing...


I was so sick and tired of being stuck...


Tired of that sensation I had in my stomach when waking up after a night of bingeing on porn, 

feeling like a broken man,

who can no longer trust himself :(

Hi, I'm Scandinavian Bob. A former porn addict who designed a unique way to deal with triggers.
Because of that we can break the relapse cycle that tends to activate in our mind when faced with such triggers.


This concept is baked into...


The 4-Step Porn Crushing System 


An online course that reveals a new way to neutralize effects of triggers, so you can stop relapsing and leave the pain behind for good!


That goes for ALL kinds of triggers; situational, visual, emotional etc. 


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Relapsing is easy Quitting porn is not?

Ever felt like a failure for not being able to quit porn?

If so, I have news for you...

You're NOT lazy.

You're NOT weak-willed and you're NOT a failure. 

And let me tell you this...

If you tried other systems and failed a lot in the past...it's NOT your fault

The real problem is that the modern world is now set up in a way so that there are triggers everywhere (you also have emotional triggers). 

And most tools and systems do not deal with that issue.

Have you noticed how it's literally impossible to surf the web for even just 15 minutes without getting slapped in the face by some trigger?

A booty shaking video or some teasing thumbnail of some sort?

There are 86.400 seconds in one day...

Even if you don't run into a visual trigger there are still other kinds of triggers that can attack us 24/7....

  • Emotional triggers (e.g. stress, anxiety, loneliness)
  • Situational triggers
  • Boredom...etc.

Then consider this...

There are 86.400 seconds in a day.

That's A LOT of seconds.

And all it takes is a momentary stumble during just ONE of all the 86,400 seconds and the relapse is a fact.

The triggers will always be there...

The reason why nothing has worked for you so far is because no matter how you navigate your day, in some form, triggers WILL always be there.

It doesn't matter how motivated you are at the beginning of a streak...

Or how many meditation sessions you log in; triggers will always be there, and they can come at ANY one of those 86,400 seconds.

Still think it's your fault that you keep on relapsing?

Of course it's not!

The REAL problem is that tools, motivation or other tactics do not deal with what's starting the relapse in the first place; the trigger.

This system is totally different...

The core concept of The 4-Step Porn Crushing System is to form an alternative response to triggers for you.

By doing that they will no longer activate the relapse cycle.

This is the only system, that I'm aware of, that deals with that root problem.


We CAN'T get rid of all the triggers.

BUT, what would happen if there was a way to handle all those triggers without them affecting you?

What would that do to your ability to stay stronger?

Well, guess what? 

Now there is...

The 4-Step Porn Crushing System

Builds upon a new and unique way to neutralize triggers

So that they won't affect your mind in a way that activates the relapse cycle

Imagine being able to leave the guilt and pain behind for good, reverse desensitization and regain that child-like excitement for life...

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The System was previously exclusive to my 1-on-1 clients, but is now available as a course...

See the impact when I shared the system with some of my coaching clients before developing it into an online course...

Scandinavian Bob 

I'm a former porn addict who has  been involved in the porn addiction community for 12 years.

The first years were spent battling my own addiction, and for the last 5 years, I've been helping others quit.

I'm also known from the YouTube channel 'Dopamine Focused Warrior,' as you could see in my response to my students above.

I'm about to tell you a true story!
If you believe me, you will be well rewarded.
If you don't believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind.
Let me explain...


My Story of crafting a powerful solution...

"So it would all end like this"?

Those were the words I was asking my self after the devastating phone call.

My heart was beating fast and I felt my eyes tearing up.

Johanna, my girlfriend at the time, had just called and said she could no longer cope with my issues and insecurities. 

She had just broken up with me.

And boy did it hurt!  

The worst part was, I knew that she was right.

My porn addiction was ruining my life...

You see, all those years before I met her, I would log in hour long fapping sessions in front of my laptop due to my porn addiction. 

And that led me to suffer from...

  • Anxiety 
  • Low energy and drive
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Weak erections

...all problems that significantly diminished trust in my ability to be a good boyfriend.

I was afraid that she would trade me for someone better.

So I became jealous.

Jealousy kills relationships.

And sure enough, she walked!

The worst part was...

A similar thing had already happened to me three years prior to this with another girl, Susan (I got dumped here too). 

Ever since then, I had been trying to give up the porn because I knew that was the root of my problems.

But when I started dating  Johanna I was STILL NOT ABLE to stay away from porn.

And it happened again - pain and sorrow on repeat :(

All because I was stuck in my porn addiction.

I knew I was hurting myself, but I still keep on doing it...

It was THAT part that almost made me insane!

Knowing what the problem was, yet I STILL kept fapping to online porn.

Needless to say, I knew I had to do something about it.

But everything I tried had failed and I just kept relapsing.

An eye-opening revelation that changed everything...

Then one day I started thinking; "Even though I feel determined, it's like I suddenly just go into autopilot mode and something else takes over"

It's like I have a 'relapsing software' in the brain that starts running whenever I'm in a triggered situation.

"That's it", I thought.

"That's exactly what we have here!"...

We have been performing this pattern...

  • Trigger >> acting out...
  • Trigger >> acting out...

...for so many years that we have literally created a relapsing software in our brain that starts running on its own whenever we are hit by a trigger. 

And most of the time we are not even aware of that moment when the autopilot is starting to take over. 

Sometimes we only notice it a few minutes in, and that it's already too late. 

We've created a "relapsing software" in our brain that activates when faced with a trigger...

Vision breakthrough...

I started reading everything I could get my hands on written by addiction experts and everything pointed to me being right.

We actually do have a relapsing program in our brain that takes over when exposed to triggers.

I was so excited about this because I knew that a software can be reprogrammed.

That means I can create an ANTI-RELAPSE software in my brain instead, that starts running on autopilot whenever faced with a trigger.

That day was the turning point in my own rebooting...

I started experimenting with different ways I could combine "not relapsing" with different kinds of triggers.

Because I thought; if I did that enough times, maybe that would replace the old relapsing program.

And with a lot of trial and error I figured out A SPECIFIC  way of doing this.

And guess what?

It worked!!!


A SPECIFIC way of deleting my relapsing behavior...

After some more experimentation, and training, I found that I could even have porn on my screen without looking at it, in form of a porn ad that suddenly pops up, or in whatever way I came across it...

I just closed the tab and moved on with a smile on my face.

Instead of having a relapsing software I now had an "anti-relapse software" that starts running whenever I see a trigger.

I kept modifying my strategy a bit until finally one day I realized I hadn't been watching porn for more than a year.

My problems were gone!

This is when I officially declared myself free from porn.

And was now...

  • Driven
  • Full of energy
  • And I no longer have any erection problems that kills my self-esteem

And I was excited about life again.

It was amazing!

I tested my system on others...

After a few years being clean and bit more modification still, I wanted to test my system on others who were struggling, to see if it works for them as well.

So I started sharing this system with my 1-on-1 coaching clients on Zoom.

One-by-one they started getting amazing results.

That was when I knew that this is something that just has to be shared with the world...

So that's why I created:

 The 4-Step Porn Crushing System!

Grab The 4-Step Porn Crushing System Now

And Put Your Life in Order

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What's included in the online course...

You will get & learn The 4-Step Porn Crushing System

Since there are only four core steps, the system is easy to learn and implement. You can start implementing it on your very first day.

But obviously there are deeper dives into the steps - with "mini-steps" baked into the core big ones.

7 Modules and 27 lessons - But no fluff or filler content

 Unlike other course creators, I haven't filled this course with unnecessary content just to justify a higher price tag. Instead, you'll receive precisely what you need in a streamlined format, allowing you to quickly implement the strategies and see results.

Additional tools for foundational strength

You go through 7 modules and 27 easy to consume lessons at your own comfortable pace. They are all stringed together creating a step-by-step formula on exactly how do it. The course will also give you solutions for foundational strength - to make sure you go the distance.  

Every relapse starts with some form of trigger

Even if you're not always aware of it, a relapse always starts with a trigger.

If it's not a visual trigger, it's a situational trigger or an emotional trigger. 

But the relapse cycle always starts with some kind of trigger...

  • Triggers are the thing that has always held you back
  • This system neutralizes the effect triggers have on your mind
  • And The 4-Step Porn Crushing System is the only system, that I'm aware of, that addresses this

Forming a NEW response that activates when faced with a trigger

This system basically teaches you an easy way to retrain your brain to stop falling into the old relapsing response, in the face of triggers, by instead installing an alternative "anti relapse" response.

And we're talking all kinds of triggers here. 

Be it visual, emotional or any other kinds of triggers.

And the best part is, once that alternative response is learned, IT now becomes the automatic reaction when faced with a trigger. 

It is easier than you think...

Retraining may sound like a lot of work; however, the truth is that once you know how to do it, it becomes surprisingly easy.

In fact, this system makes it almost like a fun game to play where you emerge victorious...

...and your cravings become the defeated enemy.

"By using the four core steps in this system it is surprisingly easy to teach your brain to automatically go for alternative behaviors, in the face of temptations, instead of falling into that same old behavior that has led you nowhere thus far."


Grab The 4-Step Porn Crushing System Now

 And Put Your Life in Order

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Frequently asked questions...

Porn watching habits are progressive...

The nasty thing about porn watching habits is that they tend to progress and cause more severe numbness and desensitization.

Have you for example noticed an escalation of the of the porn you consume?

Well, that's one indicator of dopamine desensitization.

I.e. we start searching for more and more extreme stuff i order to get the same kick.

Nothing changes if we don't take action...

The desensitization will not go away as long as we keep hammering it with porn. 

In fact, it tends to progress and become more severe with time.

We seek out more extreme stuff while we at the same time notice less enjoyment from from real sex, often to the point of not being able to perform, or enjoy it, at all :(

And the thing is...

All activities in our life work on our dopamine system.

If we allow our habits to persist, the desensitization of the dopamine system can worsen to a point where deriving any joy from life's day-to-day activities becomes nearly impossible.

You have three options...

You basically have three options here...

  1. Keep going without making any changes and leave your life situation as it is...
  2. You can try to figure it out by yourself...
  3.  You can let me show you exactly how to do it...

The first one is definitely not recommended as that will only worsen your situation.

As far as the second option goes; you might be able to do it out on your own. I'm not gonna lie, that's fully possible...

...took me 7 years to figure it out though :(

And if you chose the last option...

I will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the system with no risk of you getting it wrong....

Imagine reversing the desensitization and getting rid of that pain you feel after a nasty relapse once and for all.

That sensation in your stomach when waking up after a night of bingeing to porn, disappointed in yourself, with your streak back to zero, feeling like a broken man who can no longer trust himself. 

Did you know that desensitization is fully reversable?

Yes indeed...

When we stop blasting the reward system with cheap dopamine we reverse the numbness, things become brighter...

And once again, we get to feel that child-like excitement for life that makes everything immensely more enjoyable.

That is what hundreds of guys have already experience with this very system.

But this is not for you if...

  • You expect results without putting in the effort. You have to be willing to follow the steps in the course and not just press they buy button and then forget about it. The system is easy to implement, but things still don't happen on their own.
  • You’re expecting a magic pill that will automatically fix everything that's wrong with your life (realize that issues in life can extend beyond just those related to porn).
  • If you already overcome your porn watching habit. If that's the case I congratulate you and wish you the best. If so you don't need this course, as this is not a general self-improvement course, but a course that will take people out of a nasty porn habit.

Grab The 4-Step Porn Crushing System Now

 And Put Your Life in Order

Click the button below to take advantage of the introductory price (limited time), so that you can stop relapsing and leave the pain behind for good!

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My IRON-CLAD 90 Day Action-Based Guarantee:

Should you find, after going through the entire course, and you implemented the system - and practiced it for some time - that it doesn't help reduce your relapse frequencies at all, just shoot me an email and I will gladly refund your money, 100%

Yes, you heard me right!

If you think that the content in the course does not give you any value at all, after having gone through it and implemented the info, I will gladly pay you back, full amount. 

Grab The 4-Step Porn Crushing System Now

 And Put Your Life in Order

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