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Dopamine Focused Fasting

Supercharge your dopamine system. Without having to do complicated things.



Inside the course you'll find 5 different dopamine fasting protocols that will give you...

  • Insane motivation and drive!
  • Increased energy and focus!
  • An increased ability to set and crush your goals! 
  • Rediscovered child-like excitement for life! 

8 modules with 35 video lessons. Many hours of content containing interesting and valuable info about dopamine, the modern world, and your reward system.

Step by step lessons showing you how to...

  • Reset your dopamine system 
  • Discover clever ways to focus your dopamine
  • Upregulate dopamine receptors
  • Implement interesting dopamine hacks

What People Are Saying:

I have bought your course Bob and I am super happy! I truly believe that anyone who is detoxing from porn can greatly speed up their recovery with this. Perhaps instead of 90 days, it is possible in 40 days.

Victor Martin

Absolutely phenomenal course! Money very well spent. I definitely plan to go through some of the material again, and will be doing more of the protocols for sure. My goal is to first try every protocol at least once and then tweak and implement into my life in the long-term. I see dopamine fasting as something that I want to integrate into my lifestyle in the long-term. Thanks so much for creating this course. I'm sure myself and many others will continue to benefit from it. Great work!

Yohan Perera

Just finished 'Apprentice' protocol and I am now ready to get started on the Explorer. The first level was a much needed reset. My mind feels much more clear and I feel sharper! We will see what results conquering this next level brings!

James Robinson